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Kenya's Coffee

Coffee cooperatives in Kenya produce some of the best Coffee in the world which earns good revenue to our farmers. Coffee, as it was referred to in the past, is our “GOLD”.

While most of the coffee is still exported as raw beans, it is good news that some of the cooperatives have gone into value addition and now not all coffee is being exported. Processed and packed coffee, ready for consumption, is now available locally and affordably and can be found in the form of roast beans, ground coffee, and even instant coffees.

In partnership with various cooperatives, our firm is determined to raise public awareness and promote consumption of the coffees both locally and internationally. We are promoting the coffees collectively under the brand name COOPGOLD and they are available in our online SHOP where orders can be placed for home deliveries

Through our initiative we hope to contribute towards:

A domestic coffee drinking culture
An increase in export of processed coffee
Support of our local coffee economy and
An enhanced income of our coffee farmers.

Additionally, through our COOPERATIVES PROFILES we aim at giving the cooperatives more visibility to facilitate linkages with stakeholders and partners in the coffee industry who would be interested to work with them.


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