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Integrated Coffee SystemsIntegrated Coffee SystemsIntegrated Coffee Systems

About Us

Integrated Coffee Systems is a technology and marketing solutions firm based in Nairobi, Kenya that works exclusively with coffee cooperatives in Kenya. At ICS, our strategy is to leverage information technology (software and Online marketing) with the aim of empowering this sub-sector operate efficiently, cost-effectively and to become more profitable to their members; the small scale farmers.

ICS involves itself greatly in the coffee value chain.

Digitalization of Co-operatives


To digitalize coffee cooperatives, increase trade and promote consumption of Kenyan coffee locally and internationally

To be the digitalization and marketing consultants of choice to coffee cooperatives in Kenya

Our values include:

  • Expertise in ICT and Marketing technologies.
  • Honesty in delivering what our customers demand.
  • Passion to see our customers succeed.
  • Prompt customer service.

Digital product

Currently at ICS, we have developed a web-based management software for the cooperative unions and their affiliate cooperatives which is offered under the brand name COFFEEPRO. The system is an end-to- end digitalization solution that facilitates digital weighing of coffee at factories and weigh-bridges to internal management operations. It also integrates a Mobile App that tracks the coffee delivery and marketing process from factory to the end market.
CoffeePro consists of an MIS that automates operations like Booking, Classification, Liqouring, HRM, Deliveries, Dispatch, Milling, Inventory Management, Accounts, Farmers Management, Deliveries, HRM, Farmer Payroll, Inventory Management.

Marketing Services

At ICS, we are passionate in the increased uptake of our local coffees. We are therefore:
  • Promoting domestic consumption through the “GOLD” RUSH initiative where Kenyans will now be able to purchase locally processed, packaged and branded coffees at the GOLD SHOP and at other partnering outlets. We are also working with other players to create a coffee drinking culture through vending outlets.
  • Enhancing the visibility of the coffee cooperatives through the COOPSITE page.

‘Gold’ Shop

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Our News

Get to know what is happening in the Kenyan coffee sector with real-time news updates. 


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